Amima’s Kitchen Butter Salt Seasoning – 100g


Net Wt. 100g

•Amima’s Kitchen Butter Salt Seasoning Powder, Perfect for Pop-corn, Making Cheese Sauce for Nachos, Sprinkling on French Fries.

•Butter salt also refers to salt that is used in the preparation of butter and other dairy products. It is often used as a seasoning for popcorn.

•You can also use Butter Salted seasonings for any other dish to make it more exciting and flavourful!

•Butter salted is the world’s most popular seasoning salt. This secret ingredient adds buttery flavour & bright yellow colour for real theatre-style popcorn and other recipes.
Directions for Use:
Sprinkle on hot popcorn to taste.
Can be used:
•Nachos & Dips
•Gorgon Nuts (Makhanas)
•Fries, etc

•Keep it in Cool and Dry place | Shelf Life – 12 Months.

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