Amima’s Kitchen Cheddar Cheese Seasoning -100g


Net Wt. 100g

Amima’s Kitchen Cheddar Cheese Seasoning. Cheddar cheese, commonly known as just cheddar, is a relatively hard, off-white. Sometimes sharp-tasting, natural cheese. It is the second-most popular cheese.
An unmatched flavor and aroma that only the highest quality of spices can provide. Low temperature grinding so that the spices retain its freshness and aroma.
Amima’s Kitchen Cheddar cheese make delicious Cheese – flavored Popcorn, Cheesy fries or you may also simply dust over your favorite bowl of snack.
Keep it in cool and dry place | Shelf life – 12 Months.
Mindful values – No added preservatives | No artificial colors | 100% Natural | Fresh & healthy | Tasty and good for your health | Gluten-free | Premium quality spices blends.

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