Amima’s Kitchen Magic Garlic Sprinkler – 100g


Net Wt. 100g

•Amima’s Kitchen Garlic Sprinkle is one of the most useful and appetizing condiments due to its distinctive flavour and attributed health benefits.

•It is used in food items like grilled sandwich, pasta and pizza, toppings for popcorn, rub for paneer, soya chap as well as a wonderful seasoning for vegetables.

•Amima’s Kitchen Garlic Sprinkler is the perfect destination for Pure, natural & fresh Spices with natural flavour & aroma.

•Magic Garlic is packed in an easy-to-use Sprinkler Pet Bottle container with a two-way Flip Cap and contains all of the magic masalas for delightful flavours.

Can be used in:
•Grilled Preparations
•Chilli Potatoes
•Paneer BBQ
•Mouth-watering taste
•No Artificial Flavour
•No Artificial Colour

Keep it in Cool and Dry place | Shelf Life – 12 Months.

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