Amima’s Kitchen Parsley – 75g


Net Wt. 75g

•Parsley is a famous medicinal and culinary herb. The vibrant and yummy taste and wonderful medicinal properties of parsley are frequently ignored in its popular role as a table garnish.

•You can use the dried version as an ingredient in various recipes. It can enhance the flavour of soups, stews, and tomato sauces, pizza. Additionally, it’s often combined with other herbs in Italian-inspired recipes.

•Handpicked and manually sorted fresh herbs stored in a moisture resistant glass bottle ensure sustained premium quality.

•Mindful values – No added preservatives | No artificial colours | 100% Natural | Fresh & healthy | Tasty and good for your health | Gluten-free | Premium quality herbs.

•Keep it in Cool and Dry place | Shelf Life – 12 Months.

Parsley is an herb that is commonly used for garnishing. Parsley is a popular, bright green & a real all-rounder herb. It is commonly used as a garnish, but more popularly used as a spice. It has mild and slightly peppery flavour.
Directions: Garnish on pasta dishes and casseroles that need a bit of colour. Add it in salads for the taste. Add with tomatoes, cucumbers, dried beans, paneer, soya chap, lemon, garlic, mushrooms and peppers. Add to foods after cooking is completed and just before serving to maintain optimum colour.

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