Amima’s Kitchen Premium Mixed Herbs -75g


Net Wt. 75g

•Mixed herbs is just right for boosting the flavour of pasta sauces, soups, stews, stuffing, breads, marinades, butter, salad dressings, stocks, vinegars, vinaigrettes, and even some desserts, drinks and confectionaries.

•Amima’s Kitchen Mixed herbs typically comprises basil, marjoram, oregano and thyme, each of which has high levels of healthy antioxidants.

•An aromatic herb blend. A traditional herb mixtures used in sauces, casseroles or sprinkle on top of roast vegetables.

•Mindful values – No added preservatives | No artificial colours | 100% Natural | Fresh & healthy | Tasty and good for your health | Gluten-free | Premium quality herbs.

•Keep it in Cool and Dry place | Shelf Life – 12 Months.

Mixed dried leaves Oregano, Rosemary, basil, thyme not only add enticing aroma, fresh flavour and vivid green color to food, but also have remarkable health benefits. Mixed Herbs before or after cooking, can sprinkle on your salad, pasta, pizza or any of your favourite deserts.
•Your new secret ingredient.
•Adds a wonderful twist to all your dishes.
•Sprinkle on your pastas, pizzas, fries.
•100% Vegetarian.

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